About Us

Business Partner in Turkey was founded in İstanbul in 2004. We provide our international clients with the back office services they need to expand their business into or within Turkey. Our services include market entry support, accounting outsourcing, tax consulting, import, ERP systems and support in legal matters with a focus on migration, labor and corporate law.

Business Partner in Turkey is your one stop partner in Turkey for a smooth and successful start or expansion of your business abroad.

We have a network of experienced professionals who represent Business Partner in Turkey in our clients’ home country.

Management Team

Our management team understands how important clear communication with the parent company is when it comes to making decisions, especially across-borders.

At Business Partner in Turkey, you will find English, German, French and Italian speakers providing a smooth exchange of information.

Supporting the local community

We have a strong Corporate Social Responsibility. We do not only advise international companies on business set up and development in Turkey but also support social organizations thus participating in the development of the country. Our employees are ready to participate in such activity.

Our company is not only interested in improvement of the business situation in Turkey we also consider social help our duty.

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