Business Setup in Turkey

Firs of all, the conditions for setting up a business and share transfer are the same as those applied to local investors.

Market entry or expansion to Turkey is an important step for any foreign business. We offer market analyses, general business setup consulting and check your business plans. Get in touch now to request your personal offer.

As entering the market in Turkey is not comparable to for example any western country, general consulting for the Turkish market entry is essential to avoid common pitfalls. Business is done differently in Turkey, significantly faster and in a less foreseeable way.

Therefore it really pays off to get to know the particularities of the Turkish market starting with the business setup. We prepare you for the market entry in Turkey by familiarizing you with all the necessary aspects needed for a successful business setup in Turkey. Before the set up of a company, many decisions have to be made. For this purpose we offer customized workshops to your company.

We propose the following workshop topics:

General success factors

Typical mistakes made in Turkey

Best business development solutions in Turkey

Control, organization and coordination as a critical success factor

Turkish accounting and Turkish taxation

Different financial strategies for expanding your business

Customs, certification, licensing and authorization

Turkish business culture

General legal factors

Labour law, work permits, visas

Market analysis Turkey

Site selection, office space leasing

Experiences with Turkish joint-ventures

Development of production sites

We would be pleased to offer additional topics according to your needs as a set up of your foreign business setup in Turkey.

Market analysis are necessary, if the Turkish market is interesting for you, but you require a lot more information before taking a decision to enter the market. This is why we provide you with a revealing market analysis.

We do all Turkish cities and regions for your market analysis according to your specific needs and requests.

Your Competitors

In our market studies we analyse the business activity of your competitors on the Turkish market in detail. Such an analysis usually distinguishes between producers and wholesalers and also between domestic and foreign market participants.

Your Customers

We do not only analyse your potential clients and their business development, but also the overall development of the industry sector and your potential within this sector. Questions of long or short term contracts between current clients and their suppliers are as important as the overall willingness of clients to change their supplier.

Distribution and Partners

Our market analysis also includes searching for distribution and partners. The distribution system is a decisive success factor for a market entry. Turkey’s specific regional characteristics therefore play a great role in our market analysis. Turkey offers various opportunities for cooperating with local distributors, but this approach requires an efficient controlling mechanism.

Practical Aspects of Business Set-Up

Our service does not end with the completion of the theoretical work. In an implementation-oriented part of our analysis we also show our clients how to tackle the practical aspects of business set up. This comprises questions such as the availability of qualified personnel, the cost for office rent and overall financial needs as well as legal/bureaucratic obstacles on the Turkish market.

Business plans for Turkey often include a plethora of uncertainties concerning the calculation of costs, as well as the time frame. Often there arise unexpected costs for personnel and office leases.

We can help you with the development of your business plans for your business setup. If you have already developed your plan, we may review the soundness of its assumptions.

We can further advise you on ways of reducing your costs and accelerating organisational and planning tasks, such as the registration of your business.

The Market Visit Service gives you an opportunity to experience the local business culture firsthand. This service can prove to be particularly effective for entrepreneurs who have never visited Turkey and are interested in tapping into the opportunities which its market has to offer.

There are two steps to this service: the research stage and the visit coordination stage:

Step 1: Research Stage

During the first stage we perform a basic market research that outlines legislative regulation, competitive landscape, pricing and more.
The objective is to determine marketing strategy for your product in relation to other competitors on the market and identify the exclusive niche which your product can play.

Step 2: Market Visit Coordination

During the second stage we organize and coordinate your visit. Based on the profile of your company’s ideal partner/client, we schedule 6 – 8 meetings.
Upon your visit, we accompany you to the meetings and coordinate all necessary aspects of the process by translating, mediating and entirely facilitating interaction between you and your counterparty.

How can we support you:

Market research

Market visit coordination

Coordination of B2B meetings

Translator services

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