Business workshops and Trainings in Turkey

We provide a wide range of trainings and seminars with focus on hard and technical skills, including conferences for departments and business lines and trainings for newcomers.

Foreign companies that are launching or expanding their market presence in Turkey, very often come across the need to also train and develop their management team with the help of special business trainings that allow them to better understand corporate integrity standards and to facilitate intercultural teamwork.

We offer effective and professional business seminars and trainings for employees of different job fields. Throughout the years, our business seminars and training programs in Turkey have proven to be of good quality and strongly recommended by our clients and partners.

With our business training concept, we offer a vast range of international training programs. The seminars and trainings can be organized at our location or, if desired, we can arrange for them to comfortably take place at your office premises.

We provide trainings on various topics in different formats

Individual Workshops on the hottest and most relevant topics

Customized trainings for your accounting team on the relevant topics (also possible at your office)

Import Handling

  • Product certification
  • Logistic chain and warehousing
  • Export documents and electronic customs clearance


  • Introduction into Russian accounting
  • Overview of primary accounting documents
  • Business trips procedures
  • Differences between tax and statutory accounting
  • P&L planning
  • Financing possibilities and related tax implications
  • Year-end closing, quarter-end closing procedures
  • Differences between IFRS / US GAAP and Turkish accounting standards
  • Analysis of Finance department regarding efficiency, restructuring and development


  • Transfer pricing
  • Taxation of foreigners in Turkey
  • Progressive tax approaches
  • Emergence of permanent establishment
  • Introduction into the application of different VAT rates

Internal Control

  • Efficient check of the Turkish statutory and tax accounting and reporting
  • How to establish efficient internal control processes


  • Comparison: LLC, JSC, branch, Liaison Office
  • Registration of legal entities and representative offices
  • Effective intercompany contracts
  • Changes in charter
  • General Director change – procedures
  • Obtaining a work permit
  • Residence issues

HR and Recruting

  • Recruiting – How to identify the right candidate?
  • Introduction to HR documentation
  • Payroll & Salary
  • Outstaffing
  • Dismissal procedures
  • Employee loyalty

IT/ERP Systems

  • Accounting programs in Turkey
  • Interface for IFRS
  • Technical solutions for IFRS transformation
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