Due diligence and internal audit

Year by year internal audit is becoming more and more necessary not only for large companies but also for middle-sized business.

Internal audit is becoming more necessary not only for large companies but also for middle-sized business as business and regulations become more complex. A routinely conducted internal audit is not only a positive signal for potential business partners but it is also an effective instrument for the company’s owners and management to enable them to improve the company’s activity.

In conducting an internal audit our experts assess whether the company’s internal control system works properly or whether it needs to be improved. They also outline the ways to achieve those improvements. We evaluate the internal control system for the information accuracy, its compliance with the current legislation, valuation of assets and for measuring the effectiveness and results of the activities of separate operational units.

  • A check of statutory and tax accounting in order to reveal the issues in statutory and tax accounting and to define possible risks for a company.
  • A check of management reports which are prepared by the accounting department of your company.
  • Accompanying of the internal audit which is conducted in your daughter company or representative office.
  • Consulting on conducting the company’s inventory of property as well as our participation at the inventory if required.
  • Set up of internal control systems and adaption of the head office’s or the parent company’s control procedures in accordance with the standards of Turkey

In today’s financial climate, there is a premium on robust financial analysis when carrying out business deals – error margins are thinner and investors and lenders do not look lightly upon poor decision-making and execution. Under these circumstances, financial due diligence and timely professional advice enhance the quality of decisions buyers and sellers must take.

We offer financial due diligence services – both from a buy side financial and a vendor due diligence perspective – to help you realise the results you and your stakeholders desire. We do so with a forward-thinking approach to deal planning, execution and integration.

The concept of our financial due diligence process is a detailed and systematic analysis of data from the target company in order to obtain an overall picture of the company in connection with the corporate deal. In particular, we put an emphasis on identification and assessment of risks and opportunities when looking at assets, liabilities, financial position and results of the target company.

Turn to us for deal advice on managing risks, taking advantage of opportunities and achieving your desired business results.

Analyzing the internal and external set-up of your organization in the Turkish market

  • Examining the firm’s processes from within
  • Matching the status quo with industry best practices
  • Uncovering factors that hinder growth
  • Advising on concrete improvement steps and assisting you with their implementation
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