Legal Services

Year by year internal audit is becoming more and more necessary not only for large companies but also for middle-sized business.

  • Design and analysis of various types of contracts and contractual structures with the assistance of a team of professionals in the sphere of law, taxation, customs registration, accounting and information technology
  • Support for the negotiating process
  • Standardization
  • Pre-trial settlement of disputes
  • Legal representation in arbitration courts and courts of general jurisdiction
  • Debt collection
  • Accompaniment of administrative and executive production
  • Registration of companies, branches, liasion offices
  • Registration of changes of different nature
  • Reorganization, liquidation of companies
  • Preparation of decisions/minutes of participants
  • Organization of general meetings of participants
  • Establishment of subsidiaries
  • Deal structuring
  • Performing of the responsibilities of the sole executive body of the company
  • Registration and protection of rights
  • Registration of know-how, trade secrets and confidential information handover
  • Legal support of franchise deals
  • Implementation of compliance function
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Compliance audit
  • Personnel training
  • Check of contractors’ reliability
  • Development and analysis of contracts and changes thereto
  • Development and analysis of local normative acts
  • Mediation in disputes with employees
  • Oral and written consultancy
  • Human resources audit
  • Search for and interviewing of candidates
  • Evaluation of the effectiveness of staff legal function
  • KPI development
  • Preparation of work permits to work in Turkey
  • Visa support
  • Oral and written consultancy
  • Personalized monitoring of changes in the legislation
  • Monitoring of judicial and executive proceedings
  • Trainings on actual legal topics
  • Testing

Our experts have extensive professional experience in the preparation agreements, and offer consulting on all matters related to their conclusion. We can also thoroughly analyze the requirements of accounting, taxation and currency legislation, taking into account each client’s specific needs. Also, we constantly monitor any changes in legislation and inform our clients on the most important updates and their business consequences.With regard to related parties, we can provide support for the preparation of the following types of agreements:

  • service agreements, such as information, consulting, marketing, advertising services, and IT support services;
  • agency agreements on the search for and acquisition of clients;
  • goods supply agreements between Turkish and foreign companies, both import and export (we can also offer consulting services on customs clearance under such agreements);
  • license and sublicense agreements, for example on the transfer of rights to use trademarks or software;
  • lease and sublease agreements, for example if a subsidiary company or a representative office leases space from another Russian subsidiary of the same holding;
  • loan agreements between a parent company and its subsidiary to finance the latter
  • Throughout the talent acquisition process, companies doing business in Turkey must strictly follow the requirements of labor law and have documentation, as stipulated by Turkish legislation.
  • We will assist you in resolving any questions associated with employer-employee relations.
  • We assist its clients in making changes to existing labor contracts and additional agreements.
  • We offer consultancy services on employee dismissal, including the preparation of documents and notification of state bodies on the following grounds: Consultancy services on the provision of personnel under secondment (including questions on taxation and social insurance) and preparation of relevant documents.
  • We assist its clients in dealing with questions regarding personnel engagement in the framework of foreign labor provision. These services include advising on tax legislation and social security, as well as preparation of relevant contracts.
  • We offer its clients consultancy services for talent acquisition. We provide services for contract preparation and analysis.
  • We are accredited as a private employment agency and ready to offer its clients temporary employee services.
  • We offer consulting services that address such issues as personal data, and which include customer database localization.
  • We offer consulting on various issues related to employment law.
  • We provide clients with additional information on labor law issues that a company may face within the context of employer-employee relationship.
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