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Year by year internal audit is becoming more and more necessary not only for large companies but also for middle-sized business.

The General Director Function is mainly temporary limited provision of management resources and skills. It can be seen as the short-term assignment of a proven interim executive manager to manage a period of start-up, transition, crisis or change within an organization. We provide Interim General Director Services for your subsidiary in Turkey for a short or long term period.

Tasks accomplished by us:

  • Consultation on and control of document flow
  • Personal presence at state authorities, if necessary
  • Signing of customs and tax declarations and other important documents upon agreement with the parent company
  • Signing of labour agreements, employment orders, vacations, payments of bonuses etc.
  • Control over and signing of contracts, invoices, VAT invoices and acts of provided services
  • Representing the interests of the company at negotiations according to instructions given by the parent company
  • Agreement on who is authorized to give guidance and instructions at the beginning, so that your business still is under your control.

Main services of the operative General Director Function

  • Temporary vacancies substitution in company management
  • Temporary performance of a director’s duties, managing and finishing of existing projects, making other directors aware of current situation
  • Company reorganisation and project management
  • Analysis and change of business strategy, extension of company activities, turn-around management, increase of internal process effectiveness, creation of a controlling system, restructuring and development of new kinds of activities
  • Entering the Turkish market
  • Temporary fulfilment of duties, development of entering the market strategy, if required
  • Business liquidation
  • Company liquidation and finishing of the activities including relations with all the parties concerned
  • System of control and supervision
  • Representing your company interests in relation with (Turkish) partners and (Turkish) directors

Accounting and reporting is much more important in Turkey than in Western countries. Therefore you face in particular difficulties when your chief accountant leaves your company, for instance. As the notice period prior to leaving the company for an employee is from 2 weeks to 8 weeks , normally no replacement can be found in time.

We can assist our business partners in finding a new chief accountant or offer you to fill the gap before the new chief accountant can start the work via Interim Management. Alternatively, we may also professionally check your accounting or the person you intend to hire for the function of the chief accountant.

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